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Our name.

Alexander von Humboldt, born in Berlin in 1769, a Prussian polymath educated in Enlightenment ideals and one of the great exponents of the link between two worlds.

His enthusiasm for nature and explorations took him outside his native Berlin to various regions of Spain, America, and Russia. Since his landing in the city of Cumaná (1799) of the, by then, General Captaincy of Venezuela, he traveled for five years together with his companion, the French naturalist: Aimé Bonpland; by Mexico, Cuba, Ecuador, Colombia and Peru, in addition to the United States, in those days, grouped into viceroyalties of the Spanish Empire; where he became an emblematic figure in both scientific and cultural circles in each of these countries.


One of his admirers, Simón Bolívar, called him "the scientific discoverer of the New World" and Charles Darwin, father of the modern theory of evolution, even said of Humboldt:

"I owe him everything."

Concert Hall

Our mission

Create human bonds.

The mission of the OH responds to the socio-cultural reality and political and economic context  in various regions, in view of a large number of very high-level musicians who received musical education in their native country, for example from "El Sistema" in Venezuela, and highly prestigious institutions in other countries, and who decided to emigrate to continue your career in other destinations, particularly in European Union countries such as Spain, Italy, France and/or Germany. To them, being immigrants, foreigners and/or refugees, the OH is presented as a new meeting point and musical identity.

Additionally, the composition of the orchestra is based on the participation of local European musicians, particularly Spanish, of exceptional talent, to promote cultural and human exchange between different musical points of view.

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