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A symphonic project for the integration of worlds.

The Humboldt Orchestra is a group made up of between 15 and 60 instrumentalists, according to the program that is required, dedicated to the interpretation of a wide symphonic repertoire that ranges from the Baroque to current music, with an emphasis on the classical style around the year 1800. Historically informed practice or interpretation forms an integral part of his work for any style.

The Ensemble Humboldt is a group "da Camera", focused on the rediscovery of works written for an instrumental template and/or vocal accompaniment of this characteristic,

around 17th century and XVIII 



Teatro municipal de flamenco

"It is more important how a man faces his destiny than what his destiny is."

Alexander von Humboldt

Contact us

Number 19 of Montes Claros street, Granada, Spain.

(+34) 644 49 52 23 / (+34) 674 02 62 71

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